Galloway Hat

Printed pattern - English

The eye-catching Scandinavian-style motifs of the Galloway Cardigan have been revisited in the Galloway Hat, knit in Peerie for colorwork that simply sings. Peerie’s worsted-spun construction results in boldly and brightly defined colorwork and a soft yet strong fabric that will wear well on many an adventure. Enjoy choosing your four-color palette unreservedly — the rounds of the chart only use two colors at once! And with two lengths, two brim styles, optional pom-poms, and 45 colors of Peerie at your fingertips, you can think up nearly limitless combinations for every member of the family.

Brooklyn Tweed Peerie (100% American Merino wool; 210 yards/50 grams)
1 skein of Main Color (MC); 1 skein of Color 1 (C1); 1 skein of Color 2 (C2); 1 skein of Color 3 (C3)
The optional pom-pom requires approximately ½ skein of Peerie. Purchase an additional skein if you would like to use the MC as your pom-pom, or you can use the remainder of yarn from C1, C2, and/or C3!

Sample photographed in colors:
Alizarin (MC), Muslin (C2), Mesa (C3) & Palazzo (C4)
Burnished (MC), Seaglass (C1), Lovat (C2) & Humpback (C3)
Norway (MC), Burnished (C1), Tincture (C2) & Hammock (C3)
Fleet (MC), Seaglass (C1), Aurora (C2) & Treehouse (C3)

Beanie version: 111 yards MC*; 28 yards C1; 28 yards C2; 49 yards C3 of fingering weight wool yarn
Slouchy version: 125 yards MC*; 30 yards C1; 28 yards C2; 49 yards C3 of fingering weight wool yarn
The optional pom-pom requires approximately 105 yards of fingering weight yarn.

*If working the Doubled Brim for either version add an extra 35 yards of MC.

All photos copyright Jared Flood