Happily Knitting Socks

Whether you are an experienced knitter or only starting on a sock for the first time, you'll find this Happily Knitting Socks book extremely useful! Here you'll find answers to your questions: which material to use, knitting socks from toe to hem or from hem to toe, how to knit the right size, how to knit stranded colourwork, how to knit boomerang heel and many more other pieces of advice. 

Happily Knitting Socks By Mr. Knitbear & Dendennis book is written with a healthy dose of humor and contains detailed explanations with images and 23 knitting designs, including cacti, flamingo, skull and crossbones patterns, geometric patterns, a pattern with bees, diamond pattern and Christmas socks patterns

Format Hardcover | 146 pages
Publication date 2019