MidCoast String Targheeling Twist

Targheeling Twist is a 2-ply yarn mill-spun to mimic the look of handspun yarn.  The colors shift and fade slowly in and out throught the skein creating an amazing subtle gradient.  No two skeins are alike, so we highly recommend buying enough yarn for your project at the same time.  Check out Targheeling for semi-solids to coordinate with this yarn.


80% USA Targhee, 10% Bamboo, 10% Tussah Silk

100 grams, approx. 400 yards

Made in the USA

Targheeling Twist and Targheeling are the first bases mill-spun especially for Stitch Together Studio.  It starts with a luxurious fiber blend of USA grown Targhee, bamboo and silk and it's dyed up in Stitch Together's Iowa studio.  The fiber is then sent to a family owned mill in Illinois where it's spun into a fabulous 2-ply fibering weight yarn.