Shale Baby Blanket

Printed pattern - English

The vintage charm of an heirloom baby blanket will keep your little ones warm and snug for years to come. The Shale Baby Blanket nods to nursery knits of yesteryear with a four-row repeat of a variation on the Feather-and-Fan motif, teasing a pretty, undulating edge from the paired ridges of garter stitch at top and bottom. Knit with Shelter or Arbor, texture and color variations for this classic blanket are endless.

Version 1:
6 skeins of Brooklyn Tweed Shelter (100% American Targhee-Columbia wool; 140 yards/50 grams)  
Photographed in color Sweatshirt

Version 2:
7 skeins Brooklyn Tweed Arbor (100% American Targhee Wool; 145 yards/50 grams)
Photographed in color Treehouse

Version 1:
804 total yards of worsted weight wool yarn

Version 2:
876 total yards of DK weight wool yarn

All photos copyright Jared Flood