Vegan Yarn - Capella Series

Capella Series

100% Organically Grown Cotton
Sport Weight
100g / 3.5 oz

Hand dyed using plant based pigments and natural mordants.

Indigo has a rich history and has been used all over the world to create striking blue shades. Indigo is the only natural dye that makes blue. If you are unfamiliar with indigo you probably wear it on a regular basis since it is used to dye blue jeans. However nowadays denim is typically dyed using a synthetic form of indigo. This yarn was dyed using natural indigo. The colour varies gently through the skein so your project will have a nice hand-dyed look to it. The process of dyeing naturally takes time indigo dyeing is a unique and interesting process. First a reduction is carefully made (a concentrate) and the yarn is prepared by scouring and then a number of steps have to be made before the yarn is introduced to the dyebath including adjustment of the ph. The neat part is that when the yarn is in the dye it is a clear yellowish colour and only after it is removed and exposed to air does it turn blue! Repeated dipping allows for deeper shades.

This yarn is EKO Certified Organic by Control Union/SKAL & Certified FairTrade it comes from Peru Naturtex and it is hand dyed in small batches at the Vegan Yarn studio in New Westminster BC Canada.

Category: Cotton, Fair Trade, Organic, Sport, vegan

Type: Yarn

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