Waterfall Cuff / Shawl Pin

This wonderful combination shawl cuff / shawl pin offers terrific versatility in styling and function - shawls can be styled in four different ways: with the pin, with the stick alone, with the cuff alone, or with the cuff secured with the stick. We encourage you to turn the ring around so that the inscribed back of the ring is showing, creating a look that is subtly different.

Full of motion and a dynamic sense of flow, this beautiful shawl pin has organic visual motifs that will complement your knit and crochet wear beautifully.  JUL Shawl Pins are knitwear jewelry, adorning handmade garments and accessories with style and function

This product includes the shawl pin, shawl stick, and leather snap-on strap

Handmade in Indonesia and the USA of White Brass & Genuine Leather

Stick: 5 inches

Ring: 2 inches outside diameter, 1 inches inside diameter

Pin weight .6 ounces

Cuff:  weight .7 ounces, circumference approx 5 inches