American Ewe Yarns Twisted Sport

Twisted Sport is a three ply yarn with a special twist.  One of the plies is superwash, the other two plies are not superwash, hence the marled effect.

67% non-superwash wool, 33% superwash wool

3 ply Merino and Rambouillet wool from Shaniko Wool Co. 

352 yards, 113 grams (4 oz)

American Ewe Yarn is made with wool from the Shaniko Wool Co. where the ranches in the United States involved follow Responsible Wool Standards (RWS).  The RWS is a third-party audited voluntary standard that farms and ranches follow to ensure the welfare of the sheep which are treated humanely, the land they graze is managed appropriately for improved soil health, and workers involved throughout are treated fairly.  Each ranch is audited annually to ensure compliance with the standards. 

Care: handwash, lay flat to dry.,

Made in the USA, Hand Dyed in Schoharie, NY