Knitter's Pride Dreamz 6" Interchangeable Tunisian Crochet Set

The Symfonie Dreamz Tunisian crochet hooks are created from highly polished and radiantly colored birchwood.  They are smooth to the touch  which ensures smooth effortless crocheting with no snagging or slippage. The easy to connect cable, with its smooth join, creates a Tunisian Crochet Hook that is perfect for a range of projects. 

Set includes 8 sizes of Tunisian Symfonie Dreamz Wood Crochet Hooks packed in a clear vinyl case

  • 8 Tunisian hooks, US sizes E, G, 7, H, I, J, K, L
  • 4 Cords (24", 2 of 32" & 40")
  • 8 End caps
  • 4 Cord keys
  • 1 Set of cord connectors
  • Clear vinyl Case